• Project successfully completed

    - The project has been finalized. Tests continue to be implemented.

  • Project video

    - The official video of the project can be viewed here:

  • Progress

    - The WP2 of the CPV/Rankine project has been successfully completed on time (in June 2013). The main conclusion concerns the improvement of the proposed combined configuration by around 16% (for the weather conditions of Athens, Greece), in comparison to a conventional CPV/T system.
    - WP3 has been completed and the adapted collector has been tested, showing good performance and reliability.
    - The performance tests of the SCORC engine have been implemented (WP4) at the laboratory. These tests have to do with the investigation of this engine under various operating conditions (variable heat input provided by an electric heater).
    - The WP5 deals with the combined system design and installation, which then lead to the testing of this integrated system. The installation at the AUA premises has been finalized and the combined system has been tested.
    - WP6 includes many demonstration and monitoring activities, in order to identify the system durability. Such activities have been finalized. The system will continue to be operated and tested even after the project end.
    - The economic analysis and production planning have been examined and implemented during WP7.
    - WP8 includes other activities, such as the project video, dissemination and exploitation plans, the Int. workshop that has been organized at AUA, etc. These have been successfully completed.

  • 3rd and final PROJECT MEETING

    The third project meeting of the CPV/Rankine consortium took place in Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) in Greece on 12th December 2014.


    The second project meeting of the CPV/Rankine consortium took place in Ghent University (UGENT) in Ghent, Belgium on 29th October 2013.


    The “SMEs Coordinators Day” by the Research Executive Agency (REA), took place in Brussels (13 June 2013). The presentations, containing information on the administrative and financial management of projects under the programme “Research for the benefit of SMEs”, can be found in


    The first project meeting of the CPV/Rankine consortium took place in Plataforma Solar de Almería (CIEMAT) in Almeria, Spain on 16-17th May 2013. A technical tour at the PSA facilities was offered during the first day.


    The first meeting of the project partners took place in the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) on the 18th January 2013. Representatives from all partners participated in this meeting.